Jigi 4.9.3 Julkaistu


Fixes to Concrete shear, torsion, bendign interactionDownload Jigi 4.9.3

Jigi 4.9.2 Published


Bug fixes to footing column shear calculations and concrete shear calculations. Text scaling.

New Features under developement


In next release anchorage calculations and verification for rebars will be done according to EN 1992-1-1.

Jigi 4.9 Published


Improved lateral torsional buckling calculations for steel cantilevers. Improvements to user interface. Bug fixes to steel, concrete and timber dimensioning.

Jigi 4.8.3 Published


Timber creep calculations added. Bug fixes to footing calculations, concrete and steel design. Download Jigi 4.8.3

Jigi 4.7.8 Published


Interaction factor modification for biaxially loaded concrete columns. Shearforce reduction of column footings at support. Minor bug fixes.

Jigi 4.7.7 Published


Bug Fixes: Minimum reiforcement of inverted T-sections and support of compressed rebars. Foundations verifications with allowed pressure.

Jigi 4.7.5 Published


New features: improved concrete cover check, new rebars and shear rebars division algorithm. Bug fixes: 4 wall supported timber floor vibrations calculation and minor fixes.

Videos published


New help videos of concrete and steel design have been published in youtube channel and webpage. Steel truss frame and concrete frame. www.jigi-soft.fi

New website published


New website of Jigi has been published. Latest version of Jigi can be directly downloaded from the site. www.jigi-soft.fi

Jigi 4.6.4 Published


Bug Fixes: some setup packages did not have shape files for inverted T concrete sections, Concrete second order effects with sway modes.

New Features under developement


Minimum reinforcement areas, minimum shear areas, concrete stress checks and reinforcements stress checks in service limit state.

Jigi Setup Problems


Close all instances of Jigi before installing updates.

Jigi 4.6.3 Published


New feature: User can switch off auto reiforcement distribution.

Jigi 4.6.2 Published


Modifications: manual buckling lenght to concrete members and rebar radius listing in report. Glue laminated timber gamma factors and kcr factors have been modified in Finland.

Jigi 4.6.1 Published


Bug fixes: Some computer had issue with zoom in 3D view. Moment zero points at beam ends might cause no tesion reinforcement at beam ends.

New Features under developement


Under development: National annex of Denmark, automatic concrete cover with environtment class, drying curvature of concrete, minimum reinforcement EN 1992 and capacity plots to steel and timber reports.

Jigi 4.6 Published


New Features: Steel interaction method A, new concrete dimensioning, new concrete report, interaction of bixaially loaded concrete (capacity surface 3D), new footing report, Swedish national annex steel, timber and concrete, New concrete cross sections: circular, L, inverted T. New reinforcement styles (bundles, layers), Automatic reinforcement placement and sheer division, new concrete report, accurate displacement with creep factor and stiffness plots. Concrete strenght time reductions, Automatic lateral loads to concrete sway conlumns. Concrete torsion dimensioning and shear-torsion-bending interactions, Footing punching bug fixes and New Finnsih national annex to punching. Pucnhing circumference calculation and reduction factor corrections, New dialog to footing design. Footing strenght time reductions, New load combination generator. Possibility to imput meny wind directions to statics model. Added new environment classes, new cracking control to concrete.

Jigi 4.3 Published


New Features: Edit tools: copy, mirror, skale 1D and 3D, array, division and many others.

Jigi 4.0 Published


Version 4.0 published today. New features like welded truss joint dimensioning and automatic bending moment shape selector for timber and steel.

Jigi 3.9 Published


New features: Cross section classification EN 1993-1-1, steel torsion and torsional buckling EN 1993-1-1, Stress analysis for steel, new welded user steel tube profiles. Timber: local pressure at support and lateral torsional buckling. For concrete bug fixes to second order moments. modifications to the steel and timber reports. Displacement limits to elements. Modifications to 3D graphics.

Jigi 3.2 Published


New features: Modified lateral torsional buckling (plastic modulus), Licens module updated, report languages: swedish and Finnish. Timber vibrations check, Cloud based lisence management, lisence by activation key.

Jigi 2.9 Published


New features: Footings and undo / redo

Jigi 2.5 Published


New features: Steel dimensioning, timber stress dimensioning, Concrete crack control, DXF-import.

Jigi 1.0 Published


First public version. Statics 3D and concrete dimensioning.